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1970 Road Runner
Air Grabber Switch
Dash Location

1969 & 1970
Hood Stripes


Following are pictures from under the hood of the car.
The engine is a 383 cu. in. big block.

temporary hood shot
Let's pop the hood and check out the power plant.
Notice the Air Grabber hood scoop.

Chrysler 383
The beast! A Chrysler 383 Big Block with enough power to annoy
a whole housing development. Just ask my neighbors.
The distributor was just replaced in favor of removing the points.
The only modification I plan to do to make the car Y2K compliant.

{short description of image}
Okay. So it needs a new coyote duster decal for the air cleaner.

The original Chrysler fluids containers and Road Runner horn
Click on the horn to hear the actual sound.
Notice the original windshield washer and an added radiator overflow containers.
The radiator overflow is an extra container, which was added by a previous owner.
Also, the Road Runner horn is mounted there too!
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