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1970 Road Runner
Air Grabber Switch
Dash Location

1969 & 1970
Hood Stripes


Following are the before pictures under my ownership of the car.
However, it is easy to see that a previous owner
did everything, but the dashboard.

Let's go inside and take a look around.

Clean. Clean. Clean. The seats were obviously redone and radio speakers removed to reduce weight on the race track. Ha ha.

Notice the dashboard is all cracked up from the sun and heat. It is probably the worst visual thing wrong inside the car.

Glare on the picture prevents you from seeing the Road Runner in the center of the steering wheel, but he's there. The horn provided by Chrysler sounds like the Road Runner cartoon character. Click on the horn ring to hear the actual horn. It took Chrysler a long time to find the right horn to modify for the sound effect. Notice also, the original AM radio is in the car. Also, inside the steering wheel on the right is the air grabber hood scoop switch.

Some rust work and paint followed by decals
and this car is ready to scare the neighbors.
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