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1970 Road Runner
Air Grabber Switch
Dash Location

1969 & 1970
Hood Stripes


Following are the before pictures of the outside of the car.
The plan is to finish the engine restoration and
tuning before completing the exterior look.

As you can see, the left side of the car has
very little work to be done before being painted.

The front is also in good condition. The bumper is in very good condition, except for the license plate area, which is rusty.

The right side of the car has seen better days. The door has a few rust spots and a ding on the top of the rear fender, but overall not bad for 28.5 years old. If you look closely you can see the corner of the air grabber hood scoop.

The back of the car is as good as the rest with the exception of some rust around the window. However, the back bumper is very clean.

Some rust work and paint followed by decals
and this car is ready to scare the neighbors.
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